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  1. Co-Sleeping: The Myths And Facts

    Co-Sleeping: The Myths And Facts

    Nothing is more satisfying than snuggling your baby to sleep after a long day. It's believed that sleeping with your baby strengthens your bond, simplifies nursing, and increases cuddle time. ...
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  2. Which Stroller Is Right For You?

    Which Stroller Is Right For You?

    With so many options to choose from, finding the best stroller fit for you and your baby can be a little bit challenging, especially if you are a new parent and...
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The Sprii.com Story

Everything for Mums

We’ve never been the kind of team to rest on our laurels, or think we can’t improve on anything. Oh no, we’re online shopping pioneers (of a sort!) always striving to make our mums world the best it can be, which is why you may have noticed our pretty big makeover! Not only do we look more aesthetically pleasing (hello, pastels) but we've also changed our name to reflect our evolution to a platform where you can shop Everything For Mums.

Whether you want to discover new brands to help you feel your best during pregnancy, stock up on baby essentials, consider post-natal fitness or fancy cooking up a storm with your kids, we have everything mama and papas will need for their babies, all in one place.

Welcome to Sprii.com, the new name for Mini Exchange and your #1 baby shop destination providing Everything For Mums. We’re very glad to have you here!